What We Do

Safir Solutions is a technology consulting and development company. We provide creative solutions to complex problems with systems that work for all.

Our aim is to bring meaningful change to people’s lives – business owners, service providers and customers.

Would you like to digitalize all or part of your business?

Our package of products and services covers the whole digitalization process. We would like to help you begin or be part of your journey!

Decide & Plan

Decide why and what to digitalize. How will it help your business and your customers/users? We aim big but start small.

Plan the project and how you will support your team and your customers with the change.

Design & Develop

Design your service or product. We are particularly good at understanding the needs of all types of users and designing for all.

Develop solutions that are a pleasure to use. We have a development partner with an exceptional record and a team of 150 highly skilled developers.

Implement & Measure

Implement the solution. Help your team and your customers with the change. Maintain your solution as it takes life and grows.

Measure if the solution realized the change that you wanted to achieve.

Would you like more detail on our development services?

We have partnered with Tintash to bring you the very best in development services.

Web Development

We work with the latest tech stacks to engineer front-end and back-end solutions, and do everything from single page progressive web applications in React and Vue to multi-tier services in Python, node.js, and Go deployed on AWS and Google App Engine.

Mobile Development

We specialize in native and cross-platform consumer apps, creating exceptional digital experiences at every touchpoint. We have crafted applications ranging from immersive AR experiences to complex social platforms and healthcare solutions.

IoT Development

We help our customers design innovative IoT products to enable seamless and smooth experiences. Our teams are well-versed at all levels of the product development cycle – from board design to UX / UI to app development and system integration.


We combine product innovation with optimum usability. Through our iterative design process and thorough prototyping, we create an engaging and human-centric design that is scalable and a joy to use. Our team stays involved from the discovery phase to the final milestones to ensure that no part of your vision is lost in translation.

Game Development

We specialize in game design, production, and development of 2D and 3D games for mobile and web platforms, providing end to end solutions including rapid prototyping, polished execution of gameplay along with updates and bug-fixing support after launch. Our team have expert commands over popular game engines like Unity, Unreal Engine, cocos2d, and others.

AI & Machine Learning

We provide services to augment your existing platforms and solutions with the power of computer vision, data visualizations, predictive analysis, and more.

Certified To Deliver Great Solutions

AWS Certified Developers

Google Certified Solution Architects

Unity Certified Programmers

ISTQB Certified Testers